Our clients are also our friends.  We help each of them achieve their goals and are proud of the great things they have to say about their experiences with us.

Carl started training me about 2 years ago. In that time, my body has entirely transformed. I am lean, strong and feel great. People comment on my physique and ask what my secret is – I tell them, “Carl”! He has such a deep knowledge of the human body and how to achieve your goals and he tailors every workout accordingly. I see Carl four times a week and can’t imagine not doing so. He makes working out fun and accessible.Veronica, Scarsdale

I was always at the gym, never seeing results as I should have. Obviously I needed some direction and this is when I started training with Carl. I lost 9 pounds in less than two months. My body has changed, my clothes feel better, and I feel absolutely wonderful.  I feel stronger, more determined and motivated. Carl has given me the extra push that I needed to get me where I want to be. Looking forward to our upcoming training sessions, as nothing is ever repetitive – challenging is more the word for it. Thanks Carl, you do amazing work !!Jeanette, Scarsdale

Each training session with Carl builds upon the last and the individualized planning that goes into each one is obvious. I’ve been training with him for almost 2 years and during that time he’s kept the sessions new and challenging, always getting more advanced as we master specific areas of mobility and strength. Having two herniated disks in my lower back, I was previously limited by back pain and limited mobility. Today those issues aren’t even a consideration. My results speak for themselves, and with Carl’s guidance and your own dedication, yours can for you as well.Scott, White Plains

Carl I just wanted to thank you. These past 6 weeks or so have really been a transformational experience for me. I really appreciate that you keep me motivated and love the wide variety of exercises that you have me do. I’m glad you forced me to master the basic movements and now I understand why you did. I don’t think I ever would have trained this way on my own. I look forward to every workout and have you to thank for that.Helen, Bronxville

I am reaching out… to formally thank you for everything you have helped me accomplish over the past year.  You helped me obtain all the goals I set during our first meeting and more.  I really feel like I have transformed, not just physically but mentally as well. I now have the foundation to continue leading a healthy life and I cannot thank you enough for that.Chris, White Plains

…Carl Trotto is by far the best. He takes the time to teach proper technique and is able to connect with his clients … I recommend him to anyone I meet and talk with about training.Nick, Eastchester