In Home Training

We train many of our clients in the comfort of their own homes. Choosing to train in home eliminates the time and costs involved with commuting, and may be the perfect solution for those with limited time or mobility. In home training may also reduce the likelihood of missing sessions which leads to better compliance and longer term results. Our clients need not have fully-equipped gyms in their homes. We come prepared with the equipment needed to carry out the training planned for each client. We are particularly adept at training seniors and people coming back from injury or a prolonged absence from exercise.

Private Studio

Clients who prefer a “gym” setting can train with us in a fully-equipped, private studio without any monthly fees or membership dues. Many people find a private studio setting less intimidating and more motivating than the impersonal, “big-box” setting of a large health club. We utilize a wide range of functional fitness equipment, including resistance bands; suspension straps; medicine balls; heavy bags; dumbbells; kettlebells; barbells; battle ropes; and more. Locations in Scarsdale and Eastchester.


Small Group / Partners

Group training provides many people with the additional motivation and comradery they need to commit to regular exercise. At T-FIT we take the same science-based approach to small-group training that we take with our personal training clients, and provide individual coaching and instruction. We offer small group “personal” training (< 6) and special promotions for partners (2) training. We also conduct group classes, fitness boot camps, and Kickboxing instruction for larger groups.


Kettlebells are one of the oldest and most effective physical conditioning tools available.  They facilitate the simultaneous training of strength, power and conditioning, and are also unparalleled when it comes to dynamic core training and strengthening the body’s key stabilizer muscles to improve posture and avoid training injuries.  However, Kettlebells require a good deal of instruction to ensure their safe and effective use.  Our Certified Kettlebell Coach will teach you everything you need to know to understand the merits of kettlebell training, and to confidently incorporate them into your training.


We offer Boxing and Kickboxing instruction for all levels and ages.  Enjoy the ultimate full-body, toning and conditioning workout while you develop speed, agility and power.  Clients can choose to focus solely on technique, skills and conditioning, or they can spar with our expert instructors in a safe and fun environment.  We provide all the protective equipment required, so come build a fighter’s physique.