Strength • Movement • Fitness

At T-FIT, we believe healthy bodies are strong bodies that move well and look great.

This perspective shapes our approach to fitness which prioritizes functional movements and strength training. Proper movement is of paramount importance because our bodies were created for function. When our bodies function well, they inevitably look and feel great. Poor movement, on the other hand, is dysfunction. Bad posture; chronic pain; and functional limitation & injury can all be traced back to poor movement mechanics.

We have a similar, fundamental point of view on strength training. Simply put, strength is the “great enabler” when it comes to human performance and vitality. Proper strength training increases lean muscle; provides a greater metabolic (calorie-burning) effect; and creates hormonal changes that help us stay lean and healthy. Strength training also strengthens bones; improves flexibility and balance; and slows the physiological aging clock.

Lastly, we have found through experience that combining strength and movement-based training is both the most effective and most enjoyable way to address conditioning and body composition (appearance). In short, anyone can achieve their fitness objectives and dramatically improve their physique with a properly designed and executed movement-based strength training program.