Come Get T-FIT

T-FIT provides personal training to clients in their homes; at their workplace; and at private studio locations.  We also conduct Kickboxing and Kettlebell instruction, and offer partners and small group training.  We have clients of all ages and provide specialized training for seniors and teens; pre-natal & post-partum moms; and people recovering from injury or illness.

Whether you want to lose weight; gain lean muscle; enhance sports performance; or reengage in physical activity after injury or inactivity, we can help.  Too many people fall short of reaching their fitness goals because the training they’re doing is haphazard or poorly designed.  We take the guesswork out of fitness by tailoring individualized training solutions that work.  Our approach is backed by hard science that produces real results.  You’ll work hard, but have fun doing it because no amount of training is going to help you reach your goals unless you find it enjoyable and rewarding enough to stay committed.  So come train with us and Get T-FIT !